Tuesday, 13 March 2012

iPad 3 Price List

The new Apple iPad 3 is now available for pre-orders until 16 March 2012.  Stock for the new Apple iPad 3will only be available for international delivery from 17 March 2012 onwards.

More images of the original merchandise will be uploaded on the 16 March 2012 as and when the goods arrive.

Our Pre-Order Price List (in US$) is as follows :

            iPad 3          Wi-Fi                Wi-Fi + 4G          
           16GB        499.00                    629.00 
           32GB        599.00                    729.00
           64GB        699.00                    829.00

Available in both Black and White.

Note that our price covers FREE international shipping. 

A minimum 50% deposit is required for pre orders as we have limited stock for this first incoming batch.  

Contact us NOW for more details and to book your first set at ipad4gsale@gmail.com !